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For every brand-to-customer relationship, marketing is heavily integrated in order to make sales. When every company grows it, gets harder to have a one-on-one relationship with all your customers which now leads to wanting to hire a team. In place of this, you’re provided a performance driven software centered to drive conversion at scale by easily creating and setting up your desired content to be forwarded at a particular time. Marketing Automation is a concept which may seem tough to understand and therefore shouldn’t be captured in just few words.

How it works?

Marketing automation allows you send triggered time or action emails, social media content or web articles to those who are subscribed to your page with relevant information which can be very useful for your marketing purposes.

It is the use of software’s or web based services to manage and automate your marketing tasks and processes. This replaces the manual repetitive marketing tasks like sending emails and posts or some certain web actions with the use of software’s geared towards performance. These highly tailored campaigns are automatically sent to customers at pre-set times.

Marketing Automation flow chart

Marketing Automation also provide marketers with the ability to create consistent one on one cross channel which delivers a consistent customer experience  to deliver the right content at the right time, to the right customer.

Email Automation is just a small part of what this platforms do. This is not a tool for pushing out spam and do not absolutely replace your marketing team but empowers your team with efficiency. These platforms do not write those campaigns for you but they allow you to scale your marketing programs in a suitable and sustainable way, leading to a smoother transition in sales.

Some of the things marketing automation allow you do are as follows:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing page creation
  • Lead generation, nurturing and scoring
  • Cross sells and up sell
  • ROI measuring and boosting
  • Cross channel marketing campaigns
  • Website personalization



  1. Reducing staff cost

While using marketing automation software’s, you need just one of your employee to compete with 50 persons marketing in a department. These platforms therefore reduces operational cost for your business.

  1. Increased revenue

When you automate your sales and customer follow-ups, you’re likely to notice that the customer lifetime value increases and combing this with a better lead management prior it is likely to produce a better ROI increasing revenue and possible deal size increases.

  1. Improved accountability of your marketing & sales teams

Having a clearly defined process, the feedback system is enhanced by improving accountability of your team ensuring that each process is effectively performed. It will also provide you with an instant impartial feedback if you need to improve in your campaigns towards nurturing your leads.

      4. Providing more effectiveness

It does not matter how large or small a team is, as regards to having a finite amount of resource to grow your business, marketing automation will allow you squeeze out worth in more hours available to you in your business.

     5. Less repetition and more creativity

This naturally free up staff time to focus on more creative tasks when you replace the manual repetitive work with automating rules and campaigns. This clearly benefit the staff productivity effectively and overall satisfaction towards variety of creative work instead of repetitive task daily.


  1. Refining your marketing processes

One major effect when you implement marketing automation in your business is the privilege you get by visualizing  the journey of your customer journey and marketing strategy, creating this process around your customer journey will enable you to gradually refine your target and lead nurturing.

  1. Targeting potential customers across multiple channels

This allows you to benefit from the ability of reaching your customers in a personalized way across so many online and offline channels.

  1. Customer lifetime value boost

Marketing automation takes the human aspect out of up sells and cross sells creating a series of automated rules, for instant you run a business that sells phone kits. Beyond the natural up sell reminding your customers to buy new cases or inspiring them with a popular gift product, you can set up a personalized upsell allowing you to tell them about this new product like a month.

  1. Pilot your marketing activity to an ultra-targeted point

It is a big opportunity available for marketers recently to create campaigns at a huge scale, we all know that the more relevant offer or product is to a potential customer the likely they are to hand over their money. It has never been a privilege to reach over a thousand possible leads with a thousand messages automatically.

  1. Saves you time managing your campaigns

From within one dashboard, marketing automation allows you to manage more than just one social media campaign, posting it to multiple accounts in a go. It is considered powerful to connect this platforms for tracking your leads.

  1. Posts and campaigns schedule ahead of time

This provides you with tools to make you stay organized easily by enabling schedules of your campaigns and posts ahead of time, instead of scheduling to your whole database you could easily schedule different variations to different segments of audience to their needs and interest.

  1. Reduces the time it takes to create campaigns

Most of this tools allows a drag and drop interface which enables you to build any kind of campaigns with no expertise required, while saving time for your design to time you can execute campaigns effectively.

  1. Existing content re-purposing to nurture leads

After creating a blog it is likely that after writing a blog post and shared from your social media profiles you do nothing, but this gives your post an existing life. When you set up automated rules it can recommend content that educate your leads and customers.

  1. Better report on what’s working and what’s not

Using this tool to work won’t just tell you which campaigns are working fine but what type of customers those campaigns worked for. Providing a level of information that enables you to create an indepth report and understanding of your required area of focus.


  1. Eliminating the guesswork

In most of these tools, leads are prioritized on a scale of 1-5 and categorized either as sales qualified lead or marketing qualified leads, if your lead is classed MQL it remains in a nurturing stage until they convert into an SQL. This allows your team to focus more on pre-qualified SQL instead of wasting time on unqualified leads.

  1. Keeping CRM data up to date

Connecting your CRM system with marketing automation tools, you can gradually capture more information about your leads overtime while confirming that their key details are still in place, building a CRM database is valuable but should be kept up to date or its value will crush quickly.

  1. When to call

You can track when your leads are visiting your web pages alongside scoring and prioritizing, you can even setup alerts to notify you what pages they’re looking at in a particular moment. Most of this insights would give you the right time to call a qualified lead at the exact moment they’re thinking about your company.

  1. Reduced lead conversion time

By making your sales process more effective you reduce the time it takes for a potential lead to become a loyal customer. After a case study done by Thomson Reuters when marketing automation was implemented, the conversion time dropped by 72% contributing a 175% overall increase in the attribution of revenue.


Marketing Automation is a must have for modern marketing. Most marketers who use this software tend to outperform those without such tools. It streamlines, automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows hereby allowing you to benefit more on efficiency, increase of revenue and the growth of a powerful team.

It can be referred to as a HUB for the 21st century marketers to allow them scale campaigns beyond horizons to reach out to more prospects effectively, better qualified leads and giving your business the much needed boost.



  1. Marketing automation is one of the most important part of the business. Marketing is heavily integrated in order to make sales. When every company grows it, gets harder to have a one-on-one relationship with all your customers which now leads to wanting to the marketing automation. Well, I must say that It was really a good read on this topic! marketing automation is a mandatory fact. It’s good to see someone put forth recommendations on marketing automation. As you point out, there are plenty of tricks & strategies. Great selection! it was very useful. Thanks for putting top-notch content in the article. It will encourage entrepreneurs to work more effectively and gain potential results from it. I would like to be here again to find another masterpiece article.

    1. we are really glad you enjoyed reading this, and we will welcome any suggestions as to what kind of content you would want to see on our website, Thank you once again Hasely. We are particularly impressed at you attention to each piece in the overall content.

    1. we are really glad you enjoyed reading this, and we will welcome any suggestions as to what kind of content you would want to see on our website, Thank you once again Naomi

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