Chatbots have been found to be a viable tool that can be employed to improve customer service in businesses. The advent of Chatbots have revolutionized the face of modern day customer relation. The rise of mainstream artificial intelligence  has been on the increase in recent times. Machines and programs are being developed which are capable of learning and developing on their own, and they are conquering and advancing how we do nearly everything.

Chatbots are simply computer programs designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet. The use of Chatbots play a critical role in improving the customer experience and allow businesses better engage with their customers and leads. This is done however, with no much human physical presence as the entire process is automated. They offer real-time assistance to the end user, by proffering useful solutions to challenges posed at them.

With the current surge in the number of social network subscribers, employing a Chatbot in a business with good online presence and which requires constant interaction with leads and customers has become imperative to improve customer service. Social networks such as Facebook Messenger with huge subscribers has become a great platform for these Chatbots as it affords a wide range of audience. Another rising trend is Whatsapp Business Messaging, which has become one of the most used messaging apps worldwide. Besides, it’s no longer restricted to personal usage; businesses are using the application on a daily basis for their daily activities.

Chatbot Types

Chatbots can be categorized into two broad categories. These are, the Simple Chatbots and the Smart or Advanced Chatbots.

The Simple Chatbots as the name imply are basic in operation as they work based on pre-written commands which they are built to understand. Anything outside the pre-written commands cannot be properly understood by the Chatbot and therefore will not give the appropriate and desired response.

The Smart Chatbots however, are built on high level artificial intelligence. They provide a better user experience as they do not rely on definite pre-written commands in their operation. They generate a wide range of response to suit specific needs of users. The Smart Chatbots are advanced in operation when compared to the Simple Chatbots and therefore require more work and technological input in their development.

Benefits of Using a Chatbot

The use of Chatbots as a tool in improving customer service affords a great deal of advantages. Some of these benefits are as follows;



One major benefit of using Chatbots is the ability for them to function almost at all times. These machines and software have a massive advantage over humans in that they never have to take a break. As long as all they need to function effectively is in place, they could literally work round the clock without any inhibition. They don’t go home at the end of the day, there is no sick leave, and they don’t require overtime pay.

High Efficiency


The effectiveness of Chatbots is one key attribute that can’t be overemphasized. As an AI Chatbot is talking to a customer or lead, they are actively collecting and analyzing data. If they’ve talked with the person in the past, they have a perfect recollection of previous conversations, and can use that to their benefit. They can also go on to know the preferences of a customer or lead and therefore the responses provided will be tailored towards proffering requisite solutions.

Automation of Tasks


Businesses that have constant interaction with leads and customers will be faced with the challenge of having to provide answers to the same questions over and over again. Most customers want to get answers on the same questions which are relevant to your line of business. In order not to carryout repetitive tasks, make a Chatbot. It reduces your employees’ workload.

Provision of Appropriate Solutions per Time


Whether it’s through trial and error or by analyzing massive amounts of data, Chatbots can find patterns, trends and solutions, and then replicate them perfectly time and time again. Once a Chatbot has found the right solution, it profiles it and makes it available when something similar is brought before it.

The more a Chatbot interacts with people, the more it develops and gets better at reaching that target goal you give it — which includes building new conversation tactics, performing small experiments to test out conversion, and anticipating responses to specific statements.

Improved customer service

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With Chatbots, there is better customer service delivery for your business because it eases so many operations for the customers. Customers will no longer need to stay on the telephone line to wait for an operator to attend to their complaints or go through a sometimes voluminous FAQ page to find answers to their complaints which in most cases may not proffer appropriate answers.


Does your business have a constant need to interact with leads and customers, and you are struggling to satisfy that need, a Chatbot might be exactly what you need at this point. They can boost productivity, fit nicely into most parts of a marketing funnel, and handle the basic requests your business gets flooded with. Then, as needs arise, qualified leads or harder customer cases can get forwarded to real people trained to handle the situation. Many business owners are just beginning to understand what benefits Chatbots can afford them. This technology is still in an early stage, its capabilities continue increasing and the best Chatbots have yet to be created. Invest in building a Chatbot for your business and be at the forefront of innovation!


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