How to use Facebook ads effectively in 2019

How to Effectively Use Facebook ads in 2019

It is apparent that Facebook ads are common these days for businesses with an appreciable level of online presence, little wonder why it is getting much more expensive than it used to be. I strongly believe you are reading this so you can know ways through which you can maximize Facebook ads, thereby getting more value for your money. Not to worry, this little piece will help you in no small way in achieving that if you will follow through the recommendations and apply them judiciously.

It is very important at this point to dissuade the common notion held by many which is; Facebook ads can guarantee sales of any product being advertised. Facebook ads DOES NOT assure you sales for whatever you are selling. Well, I know at this point you are wondering what then the need is for Facebook ads if it cannot assure sales. You will soon get the perfect answer to this pertinent question of yours.

Let’s go on by looking at the image below, where you will find the true intention of Facebook ads as designed by the Facebook team.

Facebook Ads

 Now you will agree with me that Facebook ads does not necessarily guarantee sales of the product being advertised.

I want to now show how and when to use Facebook ads and how you can derive more sales for your product.

It is a fact that buying online requires a huge level of trust and relationship between the buyer and the seller of the product. As a buyer, you will want to probably buy from someone you believe will give you good value for your money. So, as a seller, for you to make more sales online, you need to have gained more trust from your buyers, which you know it takes time to build such trust.

Facebook ads help you do this with a greater audience at the same time. This is because your community of online followers is only limited to your followers or subscribers, but by using Facebook ads, you have a wider range of audience which allows you reach more people who may not even be following you, thereby increasing your potential customer base.

Now, for you to get more value from your Facebook ads, you must of importance put the following simple strategies and principles into proper consideration.

  • Have a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is basically the process it takes for your customers or prospects to see your product to when they buy the product. See it as a route through which your customers or prospects journey to actually become paying customers. A sales funnel exists in every product distribution chain whether known to the seller or not.

A good sales funnel should nurture prospective customers from the point of having knowledge of a particular product to purchasing it. The importance of this to any business venture cannot be overemphasized and therefore should not be undermined. See why…..

As I earlier pointed out, a prospective customer needs to trust you to become a customer and one Facebook ad cannot help you build that trust. So, it is important that you put a system in place so as to nurture them into becoming potential buyers. The system through which this can be most effectively actualized is by using a good sales funnel.

Do you want to keep spending money on ads that wouldn’t assure you sales, thereby getting little or no value for your money? Certainly not, I guess.

A good sales funnel will keep potential customers abreast of your product even if they may not have the money to purchase or be convinced to buy the product immediately. Build a system that can be used to keep the potential customers in the know about the product. This could simply be by you getting their contact information such as phone numbers or emails through which you can always get across to them about your product.

  • Optimize your Landing Page/Go-To-Location

You may be wondering what landing pages are, or maybe not! You could also be saying, well I don’t have a website. For the purpose of this article, we will categorize all places you are sending your clickers (from the ad) to, be it a website, a sales page, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook page, messenger etc.

Now that we have already established that optimizing your landing page is important because this is the first part of your funnel that the prospect or customer sees. This lets the person decide whether to stay or to leave.

It is also very important to make use of chat boxes and dialogue boxes in your online platforms. This will make your potential customers to release relevant information such as their contact information to you through which you can keep them in the know about your product.

Using this example; if you have 1$, meanwhile the product you intend buying is worth 5$ and in the process of meeting up with your deficit, you find another seller with the same product at the same price, you are most likely to buy from the new seller rather than the former advertiser.

This is because there was no mechanism that could keep the former in your consciousness long enough for you the gather the remaining funds.

Do you want to be the former seller who losses the customer because you couldn’t keep them? Certainly not.

  • Use Attractive Marketing Terms

Your marketing terms are simply provisions that determine the natureand scope of your marketing. Use friendly and attractive marketing terms that could hold potential customers spell bound to the point of purchasing your product.

This could simply be by you offering freemiums to potential customers especially at the early stages of your marketing. This is particularly helpful when selling out information products. People will be willing to pay for your product if you put a price on it after they have enjoyed it for free for a considerable period of time.

I advise you to watch the video below to the end to get the pro tips on how you can use Facebook ads effectively.

Thank you. 

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