Marketers understand and are keen to ranking high on search engines. It is important however for people to click on your site on search results for search engines. This is referred to as CTR (The rate at which your site links are clicked from various channels.)

One way of improving the CTR of your website is through Google Sitelinks.  Before we delve in to what this post is about firstly let us understand what Google Site links are.

Google Site links are sub links that appear below a search result on Google, usually when you are searching for a brand that has a website, as shown below.

 Djemtech systems site link

These sublinks enable the user to navigate important pages on your website without getting to go through the homepage. A person may be looking for a particular resource that is not found on the homepage, it could be on the about page, so in order for this person to access such information, the person can easy use the sub link of About Us page on the search result.

You may be wondering why the site links are so important to you the site owner. Already we have established its importance to the user of visitor or the searcher. Let us enumerate the importance of site links to the site owner.

1. Sitelinks improve CTR (click-through rates)

Besides ranking high, your CTR is one of the biggest factors in successfully generating organic traffic for your website

On average, the first three results account for nearly 55% of all clicks.

Since the first results on the search engine gets more CTR than others below, and the search results with sitelinks appear within the first three results. It therefore states clearly that with sitelinks you can indirectly rank high and increase the amount of clicks you get for your website.

2. Sitelinks builds more trust and Confidence.

Having sitelinks for the search results of your brand or website indicates that your contents are trusted by Google giving the searcher a feeling of confidence about your contents, therefore will click through.

Since Google is committed to giving its users the best possible experience, it wouldn’t want to promote an untrustworthy link above the fold.

3. Sitelinks increases your brand awareness

Sitelinks are usually links to the most important pages on your site, taking into account the number of internal/external links.

Usually About Page and Products Pages appear for most sitelinks .

This makes Sitelinks a great way to inform people about your products, and improve brand awareness.